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Including the movie ‘The City Police Companion’

Agent J & Agent K

Agent J & Agent K from Men In Black 1-2

Sci-Fi-Comedies Movies Tells the story of two partners in a secret organization whose The movie will protect the world from human beings through fighting against many creatures. Will Smith joins Tommy Lee Jones as a hilarious duo with a lot of fun . You can watch Men In Black 1 and  Men In Black 2.

Jackie Chan And Chris Tucker Hint 'Rush Hour 4' | HYPEBEAST

Lee and Carter from Rush Hour 1-2

Nobody doesn’t know exactly these two badass duos. Rush Hour tells the story of two policemen who must work together to solve a case. Hidden The coolness of this story is that Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker performed very well together, very funny, the more Thai dubbing, the bigger, the bigger, Lei Ha, every joke really collected every pellet. Movie HD

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